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My Brother and I

Two weeks ago, my little brother- yes, I still call him that, miraculously survived a "widow maker" heart attack. He was at work - cracking a joke to colleagues when he suddenly felt unwell. We are so fortunate they knew how to respond and that he was able to hang on. My outlook -and everyone's in our family- is much different now. Life is so short- and in the blink of an eye -so much can change. My brother, Max, is the real artist of the family. He designs electrical systems for battleships, a skill that is self taught, having bought one of the early computers of the 80s and teaching himself CAD, but since he could hold anything- he drew. He is an incredible cartoonist and illustrator. He doesn't like either term very much, and he is a phenomenal digital artist! Since the age of 3, he has loved monsters. By 8, he read Frankenstein and began sculpting busts in an homage to Savini. He celebrated the darker things. I could see him working for Tim Burton or Marvel, DC or even Pixar.

It blows my mind how we do these jobs and our true talents- our mind blowing - what we will be remembered for talents -are sequestered into late nights or meager hours on a weekend, after housework is completed. If only we could do the things we are meant to do in our lives.

.....I am determined to.....I am determined to make my art go to places all over this world so that I am able to see my brother and my family be who they are. And I will. It will be hard to part with my works, especially drawings but, hopefully, I will be able to maintain relationships with my collectors- that see my works worth, and my grit, determination and tenacity. I will not let you down.

Thank you.

-Erin 8/1/2023

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ERIN LEON Born 1971 Education Bachelor of Fine Arts- Maine College of Art, 1991-1995 Classic Figure Studies-Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, 1990-1991 University of the Arts- Dramatic Arts, 1989-1990


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