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The Palestinian Women Series

The Palestinian Women Series, Printed at Remarque studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico was completed last week. I was able to finally bring these images to fruition at a weeklong residency in the Print Shop. They are very small editions, which when sold, will fully be donated to my friend, Worod (Rose in Arabic) and her family, who were trying to escape the violence in Gaza and are now trapped in Khan Yunis. They have had to flee for their life multiple times. Worod is now pregnant again.

She has lost so much weight because of lack of food.

It is a desperate situation. I created a gofundme and have been able to transfer money to them. They have been able to buy medication, tent supplies and food- As well as diapers for their child with these funds. These prints are very important to me and dear to my heart. In a time when the world seems deaf to their voices and pleas, mine has only been able to focus on the plight of the Palestinian people, especially the mothers. I pray for their safety and peace in Palestine. I pray for their lives to be saved. To the galleries that blocked me and unfollowed my work because of my support of the Palestinian people- you should look into yours and reconsider your position towards humanity. IFPDA and Speedball…among many others. The artists are voices of our times. The Palestinian Women and mothers deserve our love and attention.

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